Becoming A Writer

The increase in the numbers of websites offering a wide range of products and services from businesses located in Birmingham, has opened a huge industry for content writers who write website copy as well as generate content for blogs and social media. However, there is an acute shortage of technical writers. There is a huge difference between writing general content and technical articles. The writer should have an in depth knowledge of the technical terms for the niche he or she is writing about. No doubt, the average writer can create technical content too, but he or she is unlikely to use the exact terms. For example, a typical writer will hardly have knowledge of legal terms like `suo moto,' `ad referendum,' `animus solendi' etc.

General writers

Typical writers will search the net for simpler English phrases that are an equivalent of those Latin words, but are unacceptable for use in legal parlance. It is the same with employment laws too. This leads to a huge mismatch between demand and supply of writers who have knowledge of legal terms for writing about employment law birmingham.

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What is a technical writer?

He is an individual who has extensive technical knowledge of the topic he is writing about. On the one hand, those who write content for sites promoting vehicles should have adequate knowledge about terms used in the automotive industry such as horsepower, torque, active suspension, central differential etc. On the other, writers specialising in writing about computers should have thorough knowledge about terms such as Ethernet, cloud computing, and the difference between ROM (read only memory) and RAM (random access memory). The knowledge of technical terms comes to the fore when writing text to be included on manuals and sales brochures of products made by the respective industries.

What careers are there in technical writing?

There is a huge demand for individuals who specialise in technical writing. They demand and get more money per hour or per word count of the content compared to standard writers. They also double up as editors and edit the mistakes made by standard writers on technical text, to spruce up the final text. A brief search on content writing sites will reveal the demand of such writers and the amount potential employees are willing to pay. For example, search online for this phrase "how to convert PowerPoint slides to .vfs format?" and you will see that hardly any writers have technical knowledge required about this software related query.

How do you get a job in technical writing?

Search online sites that offer writing jobs to freelancers. You will find a huge demand for technical writers, including those who have solid knowledge about employment law Birmingham.

What are the laws for someone employing a technical writer?

There are no laws about this. As a freelancer, you sign a contract with the company offering the writing job. This contains the sum you will receive per article (this can be based on the number of words in the article or the number of hours). The company hiring you might demand compensation if you fail to deliver the work within the agreed schedule, or might reject your work outright.